Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk Signs


We have two wind-resistant sidewalk signs available for use in Auxiliary Services Marketing. The signs are double-sided and loaded on springs on a base that can be filled with water. When filled, the base weighs about 100 pounds, which gives the sign some resistance to wind and weather. In addition, both sides have a sheet of plastic that snaps over the sign/poster fitted in the frame.

Our signs are fundamentally reserved for use for the Auxiliaries of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, but may be available for rental by other departments or organizations. No outside advertising is allowed. Please contact Kayla Maldonado with a request if you are interested in renting the sidewalk signs. 

Cost: $25 for rental up to a week, plus the cost of printing the poster.
Payment methods: We prefer you use a campus speedtype to pay for any costs associated with our advertising. However, in the case of student organizations, we have arranged for cash and check to be accepted at the UC Info Desk. You may also use a credit/debit card at the Info Desk, but an additional 3% will be added to cover transaction fees.

Sidewalk Sign Specifications

  • Dimensions: 22x28 inches, 2-sided (you can do identical signs on both sides, or different signs for each side).
  • Your ad must include an affiliation--we recommend your official UCCS logo (if you have one) or a club logo, etc. We also highly recommend an email address or other format of contact for those viewing your sign. These may be small and unobtrusive, but nonetheless present.
  • Printing: You can print at the Copy Center on campus, or choose to tile the printing in Adobe and use multiple sheets of paper taped together to make one sign. The second option is less expensive, but takes more work. Auxiliaries can call on our office to take care of this process.
  • Sign location: In conjunction with the standards of the University regarding sidewalk signs, our signs cannot be used indoors, in traffic round-abouts, past the date of the event (the signs have to be removed the day after an event), or without the approval of our office. 

Ad Design: Auxiliaries may call on our office for help to design and produce a sidewalk sign. If you are a non-auxiliary, you must provide the design yourself. Requests should be made no later than two weeks before the sign is to appear on campus. Signs are subject to availability.