Shuttle Bus Interior Ad

Shuttle Bus Interior Ad


Please note: This method of advertising will be shifting as buses begin to transition from all paper to paper and screen hybrid. We will keep this page up to date with the most current info.

Cost: FREE to advertise, but your department is responsible for printing the posters. ALL shuttle bus ad designs MUST be submitted to Auxiliary Services Marketing for approval prior to printing. Advertising for on-campus departments and organizations is accepted for the interior of campus shuttle buses. Currently three of our buses are equipped with digital screens in place of rails for paper ads. If you want your ads to appear in the all the buses--both in paper and digital format--please note the additional requirements for digital advertising below. 

Please note: The digital signs on the buses are about serving the larger campus, so ads need to come from someone in the UCCS community and need to be broad enough to serve the majority of the UCCS student population.

  • The final, printed design should be 11" H x 17" W - landscape.
  • You ad must include an affiliation—we recommend your official UCCS logo (if you have one) or a club logo, etc. You must also include an email address or other format of contact for those viewing your sign. These may be small and unobtrusive, but nonetheless present. 
  • Auxiliary Marketing needs to approve the content/design in advance prior to posting. Submissions may be sent to Jina Fagerburg for approval.
  • After approval, 10 copies should be delivered to the parking office. The paper should be an 80lb (minimum) cardstock in order to secure into the bus signage holders. Two copies must also be laminated. The UCCS Copy Center can assist with printing.
  • Please include an expiration date printed in in small text the bottom right of ads. This is the date by which you'd like your poster taken down from the buses.
  • If an advertised event has a specific date or is time specific, the ad must be submitted at least two weeks before the date of the event.
  • If ads have a specific time deadline, they are guaranteed space until the posted time OR for one month, which ever comes first. If space is available, non deadline-specific ads may be displayed for additional time at the discretion of Parking Services.
  • To include your ad on the bases with digital monitors, we also require:
    • a 1366x768 pixel image (JPG) to post on the screen in buses #1, 2, and 6.
    • You are welcome to modify your original file/image, or send that file to us to modify to the proper dimensions for display.