Donation Requests


Donation Requests

General Guidelines for Donations/Gifts in Kind

**Because of the impact of COVID, donations in fiscal year 2021 are restricted to UCCS Student Clubs only. University department donations have been temporarily suspended. Feel free to contact management in either the Bookstore or DHS for additional information.**

Each recognized student club may request Donations/Gifts in Kind assistance from the Bookstore and/or Dining and Hospitality Services for a student-related event. If events qualify, they can receive up to $100 total (for all events, not per event) per fiscal year in the retail value of clothing, gifts, gift cards or supplies in the Bookstore.

Dining and Hospitality Services offers up to $200 in the retail value of food and beverage services per student club. Please make your catering donation request at least two weeks prior to the event to allow for adequate approval and processing time. Events where donated food is requested must be recognized, approved campus events that are free and open to the campus community. Bookstore donations/gift cards/gifts in kind may only be utilized to support student-centered events, where at least 60% of the expected participation is by students. Examples may include lecturer gifts, recognition gifts, and door prizes. Items may not be used for personal use and are non-refundable. Any exceptions must be pre-approved by the UCCS Bookstore Executive Director.

Depending on the time of year, budgets may have been expended and funds will not be available. Cash donations are not permitted. Each request must be submitted via the official request form and accompanied by an event flyer. If items are donated, event advertising must recognize the UCCS Bookstore and/or Dining and Hospitality Services as sponsors.

Please return completed UCCS Donation Request Forms for the Bookstore to Alana Moran and completed Dining and Hospitality Services donation request forms to Polly Knutson in the Office of Dining and Hospitality Services.

If you are requesting gift cards from the Bookstore, please review the CU policy here: